FBI Podcast Ep008: Goodbye YouTube its been fun.

Im so sorry for the delay. I have been sick and dealing with a lot of stuff. Im getting ready to go to Germany and it was hard to find time.


0:44:33  Its true no more YouTube.

8:30:21  No more Cannabis.

10:58:00  Shoenice22 & Charlie Chill the DeadBeat Daddies of YouTube.

13:21:17  Boogie2988 Furiouspete the victims.

15:15:05  Charlie Chill and Angry Grandpa.

15:55:00  Can you help my friend?

20:06:08  Reggaefrank09 and Chuck From The Bronx.

21:27:00  Jake Paul needs a good bitch slapping.

23:28:00  Keemstar, DramaAlert & HPD77.

28:10:00  Trolls taking credit.