BI Podcast Ep007: Broken Taxi Windows, Amazonian Butt Worms and Blizzards

Intro and update.

3:24 Driving Cab For Old Micro Penis

4:09 Driving Taxi On The Reservation

4:58 The Taxi Company


9:14 The Pit Of Rotten Meat

10:35 Ted Barrus Medical Courier

12:45  Those Are Butthole Worms From The Amazon

13:23  Getting Buck Naked For HPV


14:50 Butthole Worms Longer Than A Mans Penis

15:59 RottenDotCom And The Search For Gore

17:40 Masterbating With Cactus

17:47  The Fat, Blood, Brains And Metal.

20:35   Driving In Blizzards

21:41  Guns Gear And Freedom

23:03 Here Come The Butt Worms